Northlight has been involved in training for broadcast, filmmaking and interview technique for many years. As Head of Presentation for BBC Radio in Scotland Robert Sproul-Cran was in charge of staff training in microphone and voice skills.


When the BBC made its first steps towards 'bi-media' Northlight was taken on to teach London and internationally-based radio journalists how to produce television coverage.

VOMO greenscreen.jpg

Recently Robert has been committed to passing on skills to a younger generation. He was hired as a filmmaker by the Arts Department of Scottish Borders Council to help young people make their own short films. He became Project Manager of Voice Of My Own (VOMO), helping Borders youngsters to make their own feature film, and setting up a groundbreaking online youth TV station. VOMO TV was run by the young people, and not just presentation but the entire technical operation was carried out by a team ranging in age from 25 down to 4! The station made extensive use of real-time green screen technology, allowing the programmes to come from a lavish suite of virtual studios. Under his leadership VOMO won many awards and attracted record funding.

Prog 8 cropped.jpg

See below for a screen grab from VOMO's website, showing the astonishing range of the young people's achievements.

VOMO tv grab.png